Zem Spieva

The First Episode of the Land Sings 2019

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The trip to Bratislava and shooting an episode for Slovak Television was a fantastic experience. Our kids performed like professionals. Children’s folk group Slniecko is in the first episode of the show Zem spieva 2019. Link to the whole episode is here and Slniecko begins at the 48th minute. Special thanks to Urad pre Slovakov zijucich v zahranici and their financial support.

Slniecko in Slovak TV Show Zem Spieva

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Zem spieva, “The Land Sings”,  is one of the most popular reality talent shows in Slovakia. The program attracts folklore amateur performers who come to present their singing, dancing or playing the musical instrument to celebrity judges and a nationwide audience. Our talented little “slniecka”, kids from the group Slniecko, have got and amazing opportunity to show their talent to a panel of judges. Stay tuned and we will post… Read More »Slniecko in Slovak TV Show Zem Spieva