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Slovak Folk and Cultural Centre (SFCC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization based in Calgary, Alberta. Incorporated in 2011, SFCC’s main mission is to preserve, present and promote Slovak folk culture through organizing cultural events and supporting two folk groups Slniecko and Slnecnica. The mandate of our organization is to serve the community and to provide a welcoming environment for social interaction. The primary objectives of the SFCC are as follows:
  • To help Slovak descendants to keep their identity within the multicultural society in Calgary.
  • To promote and share the Slovak culture and contribute to the cultural diversity of Alberta.
  • To bring an awareness of Slovak heritage in Canada by organizing or taking part in workshops, festivals, concerts, and cultural events.
  • To host public events that showcase Slovak folk groups Slniecko and Slnecnica.
  • To provide opportunities for volunteering and community involvement.
  • To encourage the Slovak community in taking pride in their ancestry.
  • To raise awareness of other local Slovak organizations and support their causes through collaboration.